Professional Electronic Keyboard

SIZE 94*36*10CM
Weight/N.W. 4.36KG


61 Touch Response Keyboard/LCD Display

500 Timbres/500 Rhythms/61 Keyboard Percussions Music

80 Demo Songs/3 Teaching Modes/Touch Response Transformation

Master Volume Control/Tempo Control/Transposition Control

Chord Volume Control/Accompaniment Volume Control/Cent Control

Sustain/Vibrato/Record/Program/Play Back


Single Finger Chord/Multi-Finger Chord/Chord Off

With USB Music Player

USB Music Volume Control/Playing Mode/EQ Mode/AB reread/ or Next Music Selection/Paly/Pause

Four-Memory Function/MIDI In/MIDI Out/Metronome/Split/Double Timbres

External Power/External Microphone/External Earphone/Audio Input

External Sustain Pedal/Line Out

    SIZE 100×42×16 CM
    Weight/N.W. 6.50 KG


    61 Touch Response Keyboard/LCD Display

    USB-MIDI ( APP )/ Bluetooth

    With USB music player and controller

    500 timbres/ 500 rhythms/ 61 keyboard percussions

    80 songs / 3 teaching modes/ 3 memory functions

    Master volume control/ Accompaniment volume control/ Tempo control

    Transposition control/ Tune control/ Touch response exchange

    Metronome/ Split/ Dual timbres

    Sustain/ Vibrato/ Record/ Play

    Sync/ Start/ Stop/ Fill in/ Single Finger & Multi-Finger chord/Bass chord/ Chord off

    External power/ Earphones jack/ Microphone jack/ Sustain pedal jack/ Line output/ Audio input

      ADAPTER 12V
      SIZE 93×30×9.5
      Weight/N.W. 3.45


      61-keys touch response piano-style keyboard/LED Display 

      300 Well-Selected Timbres/300 Popular Rhythms 

      3 Teaching Modes/30 Demo Songs 

      61 Keyboard Percussions Music/Four-memory Function

      Master Volume Control/Accompaniment Volume Control

      Chord Volume Control/Transposition Control/Tempo Control

      Sustain/Vibrato/Metronome/Split/Double Timbres/Record/Program/Play 

      Start/Stop/Fill-in/Sync/Single-finger Chord/Multi-single Chord/Chord Off

      External Power/External Earphone

      Audio Input/External Sustain Pedal

        ADAPTER DC 12V
        SIZE 94×36×10 CM
        Weight/N.W. 4.14 KG


        61 Touch Response Keyboard/LCD Display

        500 Timbres/500 Rhythms

        80 Demo Songs/3 Teaching Modes

        61 Keyboard Percussions Music/4 Percussion Music

        Master Volume Control/Tempo Control/Transposition Control

        Chord Volume Control/Accompaniment Volume Control/Cent Control/Touch Response Transformation

        Four-Memory Function//Record/Program/Play Back

        MIDI In/MIDI Out/Metronome/Double Timbres/Split/Sustain/Vibrato

        Sync/Start/Stop/Fill-in/Single Finger Chord/Multi-Finger Chord/Bass Chord/Chord Off

        External Power/External Microphone/External Earphone/Audio Input

        External Sustain Pedal/Line Out

          ADAPTER DC 12V
          SIZE 100×42×16 CM
          Weight/N.W. 6.25 KG


          61-Key Standard Keyboard/LCD Display

          162 Timbres/100 Rhythms

          61 Percussion Keyboard

          100 Songs/2 Main Demo Songs/Three-Teaching Mode/Menu

          Master Volume /Accompaniment Volume




          Touch Response/External Sustain Pedal/pitch band wheel

          Chord ABC / MIDI Function/4 Group Memory Functions

          External Speakers/External Power/External Power/Midi In/Midi Out

            ADAPTER DC 12V
            SIZE 96×37×13 CM
            Weight/N.W. 4.9 KG


            61 Piano-Styled Touch Response Keyboard/LCD Display

            300 Timbres/300 Rhythms

            With USB Music Player/USB Music Volume Control  

            Master Volume Control/Prev Music Or Next Music Select

            EQ Mode/Play/Pause/reread/Transposition

            61 Keyboard Percussions

            30 Demo Songs/2 Teaching Modes/Touch Response

            Accompaniment Volume Control/Tempo Control

            Record/Play/Program/Demo One/Demo All/Sustain/Vibrato/Metronome

            Start/Stop/Fill In/Sync/Single Finger/Fingered Chord/ Split/prelude/Postlude

            Audio Input/audio Output

            AC Powered/External Speaker Jack/External Microphone Jack

              ADAPTER DC 12V
              SIZE 96×37×14 CM
              Weight/N.W. 4.9 KG


              61-key Piano Styled Touch Response Keyboard/LED Digital Display

              300 Timbres/300 Rhythms/61 Percussion Keyboard

              30 Stereo Demo Songs/Demo One/Demo All

              Master Volume/16-Grade Accompaniment Volume

              Three-Teaching Mode



              Sync/Start/Stop/Fill-in/Keyboard Percussion

              Single Finger/Fingered/Bass Chord/Chord Off

              External Speakers/External Power/Line Out/Audio Input